How to enjoy a cold glass of Guinness


ImageFirst take on Guinness in San Francisco or San Jose… Draft

I first had a taste of warm draft of stout beer in Wales and it was weird.  I just didn’t get it.  I was stuck in this huge draft place made of those awful rocks piled up on the surface… and I had this huge drafty room I kept looking at the small middle one all smug and warm… in f’in AUGUST SUMMER in Wales.  I was miserable.  That’s all I remember but I tried again.  I came across this beer as cold draft, when those weird singers in that weird movie that came out when touring… and he mentioned drinking tradition of stout in one big gulp… and I was like hm…  It’s cool and refreshing like a nice taste cleanser that pairs nicely with that kind of menu in those types of pub grub.  It’s nice.  I have it now and then.


One thought on “How to enjoy a cold glass of Guinness

  1. I think it’s somewhat on a writer’s self deprecatory view at times that in not being able to live it, while writing about some characters, one feels like Gabriel. But I never really felt that way. And that’s like Hemingway’s stories. But he has relationship ADD… seriously. His novel romantic dialogues… has attention span of a nit fly. And Fitz…. his are mostly like soaps. … except one.

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