How to liven up a stale fast food fries: Bacon and Sour Cream Dip


Well… they make a big stink about eatin in or out… like one’s called and give you stale fries… I got this one from an a la carte Mexican restaurant.  They put to die for bacon… chunky fried, with the fat and skin, and sprinkled it on sour cream which is made different in Mexican joints.  And so today, I made an array and those weird El Pollo chicken mass grilled joints, with salsa and sour cream (extra $.55), another one I mixed with those chopped onions with little cilantro, and made some dipping sauces for my small fries.  And it was real good and made that nasty server disappear in my mind with more crunch and sour cream mixed with hot and SPICY.  cuz Koreans ain’t sure bland.  Nope.  But japs are bitches.  and their bitchy men are like… L’audiart… L’audiart… as Ezra Pound described em. 

As for Mac and Cheese, a velvetta cheese one sure ain’t gonna make my day.  Uh uh.  So I put some hot sauce and pepper which is from some ol’ granny’s recipe from some PBS show.  It was good. 


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