the Key to a nice Sakatini: limes


Out in the desert, I got me a bottle of local store Sake, and as I never got the heated tradition of sweet sour rice extraction eaten with tappan, bento boxes, or rice rolls, I looked at recipes for Sakatini’s and found an exceptional alternative to overpriced Martini’s that never meet its price point in consumer expectation at bars or elsewhere.  The recipe for Martini is vermouth with gin or vodka, shaken and filtered through ice, but Saki skips the vermouth and with it you can mix it with freshly squeezed lime juice that elements the kick in the liquor wine to a nice cool drink to have on a lounge on a heated summer day–even out in the desert.

Try some, and you’ll get a sense of some straight up liquor that enters like cool nippy tease, that flashes in the pan with its panties down, and gives you a pow wow ending like a kamakazi blitz krieg on the fly that you don’t even know what hit you but your own dumb sense of having and wanting some fun with them nips in the first place. 


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