the high note of a good Pho: aromatics make a difference


I had a great tasting Pho down the street under the previous ownership, and in many variations of offerings of this soup, it was served with a plate of thai basil, fresh cut wedged limes, and crispy sprouts.  The smell of that basil was captivating, with a hint of citrus that hits with a nice hello enjoy your day, and pulls you into a gastronomical feast of mere noodles and slices of various dumplings or meats elevated into a lusty meal of delight that ends with a final note of light floral scent that takes you further then the spas of Calgone baths.  After that orgiastic meal in my mouth heightened with aromatics that would even make Buddha look down from his lotus position and ponder a trade off from his hedonistic delights, I leisurely walked two stores over and got myself some purple yams shaved ice drink you can choose from the various ones in their fridge.  They will fill up with shaved ice, small scoops of ice cream, with sweetened golden mung beans on the bottom that makes for a fulfilling nirvana in my stomach.  If gluttony is a sin, dang, give me more.


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