Pursuit of my Barley Fields of Korea – Visiting My Uncle


One day, I was told I had an Uncle and Cousin out in the country and we were to visit them. Seeing my sisters were not too keen with animals, especially pets and animals of host families, I sat with my mother alone in a big bus as we traveled from our humble home in Busan to the east to the golden fields.  I remember the vast fields as the driver somehow maneuvered between on the roads, knowing each address and direction. After visiting them, and our day of fun running around on a farm that was above what seemed to me huge black grunting and groveling pigs to a 4 year old, I waved on the back of the bus, as the barley fields around shimmered in the golden sun that was setting.  In my pursuit, it is not about happiness that brings us out from the country but in our youth, to see more of what else is out there.  As a reader, we are told of adventures beyond the seas and in different worlds and countries, and even after college that desire lurks in our pursuit.  But as we venture and see on our own, that pursuit eventually ends, and we return, just as I have to those fields, with seeds to plant and see grow to fruition from what started as seeds from dreams.


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