Fall Lobster Festivals – check your local community calendar


Steaming, Stewing, Red and Delicious with activities to delight your family and friends:

Friday – Sunday, originallobsterfestival.com  $13 admission, $30 lobster feast presale, $42 gate

Being that the price is $13 admission, and $30 for meal and $42 at the gate… I would expect more for an event with a headlining singer like Roger Daltry at least for Orange County Festival.  But there is a certain paradox in the pricing of Lobster I feel at a public local festival at this price and for meals when vendor prices are quite high anyway.  Check for food safety vendors and signs, and ask servers if they have Food Handling Card because for seafood and crustaceans, one can easily come across bacteria formation similar to Salmonella.

A full day of fun and merriment is yours for exploring when you enter the Lobsters Festival. Food is the main attraction at this event with vendors, some hiring promotional activities. With music and enjoyment, one is bound to fall in love with fall crustaceans like lobster, shrimp, squid, scallops, seaweed, and other delectables of seafood selections to remind you of the pulling high tides of fall when one will be assured of the best tasting seafood of the year with remainder readily available at your local markets to pair with white wine and light beer, complementing the saltine sea of our beautiful Pacific Ocean where the tropical weather of the current season brings forth an all encompassing gastronomical exotic blends of earthy dark salt flavors of the west coast.  Look fully around you and see the wonderful selections and realize the invaluable worth of what would merely be little critters in the sea when we put our joint efforts of presenting an array of seafood delight at a venue by the harbor and along the coast.

I lived there in 2002 and never heard of this event, but I really enjoy and highlight the full selection from sea to coastal vegetation delights during the season of harvest that starts to whine down in October before our family dinner at Thanksgiving.


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