Nothing like Crisp Light Refreshing taste of Apple Cider during the Fall


Sweet Light Sensation yet with a Hint of Deep Resin

Deep oakWhen one thinks of apple cider, one may picture Christmas yuletide memories of stewing apple juice with cinnamon sticks, cloves, anise and other spices to drink on a cold winter day to warm your insides with cozy satisfaction.  In London, in the pubs and after seeing the Strongbow ads before movies in theatres, I tried one of these cold variations and was quite surprised at the cold brew with a hint of apple taste that may be flat, sharp, or tart depending on the brand of your choice.  I recently had Angry Orchards which may be so for those wiped out by Costco bulk, and now on rotation as traveling vendors renting out space at this Washington state bulk chain.  Angry they may be as I grew up in Sunnyvale with apricots and other fruit orchards that busied themselves like busy bees during the war times to keep the soldiers fed and alive.  While the cherry orchards sold out to Martha Stewart for Kmart, pandering to her bulk distribution, the orchards themselves are a vital tradition of fall and other seasons, keeping everyone revitalized and satiated in sobriety without the beer brawl shananigans.  Pick one up, and try one with ham or pork or other pairings with this sweet and light alcoholic drink of your choice.  I like to enjoy mine while snorting XXL fire hot Cheetos.  Hot and sweet – what more can you ask for?!!!

Try Angry Orchards, Johnny Appleseed, Strongbow, or Woodpecker



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