Hope you indulged yourself during Chocolate Week 10/13- 10/19 2014

chocolate tasting

chocolate tasting

The Chocolate Week in London once again turned on its extravaganza for this year’s festival in October as a reminder to many couch potatoes to feel indulgent about curling up on a sofa with a large bar of dark, milk, white or nutty chocolates.  Instead of guilt or self repulsion, this annual festival reminds us that this act is something to indulge in like a tantric sabbatical ingesting these tempting chocolates traditionally meant for the gods until that curtain ripped open to allow the rest of us to join in without having to wait for a Messiah.  And with plenty of unusual and interesting events to choose from, Chocolate Week gives you the perfect excuse to indulge.

Events for chocoholics
Celebrating the humble chocolate in all its forms, from bars, boxes, truffles, fountains and cakes to sculptures and drinks, Chocolate Week is all about trying and tasting every conceivable kind of chocolate concoctions, finding out how it’s made and celebrating the delicious sweet delectable treats that we all crave now and then to appease our endorphins.



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