Waffles with Ice Cream, Fruit, Whipped Cream and Syrup


cocohodo1There’s something about the crispy bite of waffles, with its crunch with soft center, that seems to be universally appetizing across all nations, color blind.  I had a taste of pancakes, but the complex and varied texture of waffles does elevate it to something rewarding and self appeasing.  A dry bland waffle, which you may find in ordinary unrated cafes, like the recent one I had at Long Beach, may leave you parched, but a nicely dressed waffle seems as self adorning and self pampering more so than a nice massage at a spa or parlor.  The cool creamy ice cream blended with a bite of waffle mixed cool and crunchy with sweet entry, with fruity mix of strawberries and bananas, such as I had at Cocohodo on Beach Bl. at Buena Park, puts those textures and blend of tart and sweet in a nice palatable combination with whipped cream and syrup that elevates it to a pleasant combination without over indulgence of any one specific flavor.  A waffle is a simple recipe, with baking powder and a waffle griddle, and slight variations, something I found daily as street food in Pusan, S. Korea, and sometimes at continental breakfasts.  I make mine chewy with syrup dipsters, but sometimes like a self rewarding sunday, it’s sure worth the bite.