Chocolate Week Kicks Off in the U.K. – October 2013


From my time in England, October is remembered for Guy Fawlkes Day, and the addition of Chocolate Week is a strange find to me.  I never heard of it before, but anything with chocolate and candy is a delightful event for any child full of wonder for a sweet surprise like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.  Looking back on the book and the movie, it’s strange that it is someone’s lost pound in the gutter that wins the pick for him.  That there is no sense of wondering whose pound that was, and the link is something lost for me as I feel that was the emphasis in other novels and plays I have come across.  That it was his destiny on his own for Charlie, is a strange conclusion.  As a child reading the book for the first time I got a hoot with the oompah loompas he brings from the Americas, to poke some fun at the tradition of chocolate that was created in a recipe for the “deity.”

This treat often found in gifts, convenience item aisles, and last remembered in your taste buds stemmed from Christopher Columbus’ returning from the Americas with a hot cocoa drink, believed to be for the gods. Around 1650, chocolate came to the UK and per Roald Dahl’s book and observations after working at a factory for a year or two, was something for us to all enjoy in good fun where any other hankerings may disappear in pleasant sweet taste.

Free your taste buds and enjoy this week and any day with candy and fruits and anything else of choice.  The secret to a great piece of chocolate to a discerning taste bud, is the cocoa itself.  OH PLEASE don’t give me substitutes like carob.. oh please… unless for political and labor and trade reasons.  Like those who dislike weak coffee or tea, such is how I feel about the cocoa mixed down with too much else that you can’t taste the substance beneath.  That goes for character, and I sure love chocolate with bold character to remember.


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