Happy Oktoberfest 2013!


Friday kicked off the traditional German feast in Southern California a month after it kicked off in Bavaria in Germany.  I personally never went to one, but only a few German eateries.  The bratwursts are similar to the bangers I had at British Dickens Faire, and paired with the cool taste of savory beer is a cheery combination for those who want to tap further their Halloween wiccan vibes with heightened gluttony.  And don’t forget how delicious it is to mix the taste of beer with the sweet and slightly bitter and sour aroma with many of the chocolates and pastries available and your creative combinations that delight the taste buds to revel in beer imbibing delight.

If you love beer, sausages, and revelry, this is the type of fest where you can tear into the food, yell and piss on the ground like Woodstock, and feel purged at the end like some strange Aristotlian hangover.  If you like water, go down the street and have weiner dogs with sauerkraut or ground onions with weak mustard sauce you think is mustard… but is not.  If you like fine, and the real thing, step in, and surprise yourself with some dance moves you didn’t know you had in you, to some weird music that starts groping up your ass… and you’ll get a strange notion of that very and same Aristotlian hangover.  A variety of German and assorted beers on tap are sold as well as mixed drinks and liqueurs in shot glasses with their cheery wenches….that may give you a kick like them on the soccer fields.  You can feast also on traditional American favorites such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, pies and other items in stores included in this area. Other attractions are deli’s, coffee houses, gift shops, and more. Music, dancing, drinking, and revelry.  Note, this is 21 and over, so be aware of the regular things to note as in a bar.

Other info:  It’s a strange origination from carnivals, that we note at Paramount theme parks and others, and mixed with alcohol, attend with a watchful eye.  Beer is fermented yeast or whey, and with each alcohol content mixed with your bodily system, note your conscious state in the beer halls.

Per my German revelries… it ain’t over until the stripper dances in his purple panties.  At that moment, be scared, be very scared, I was ducking for cover.  Seriously.  This is BEER and ALCOHOL sold only in saloons and bars of notable repute at some time for various reasons of injury and harm, especially to minors who were unaware.  Note your alcohol tolerance, and mixed with fun is the tone for celebration, whether the end to the nasty Prussians that linger still unawares, or others that piss up my pole… like red meanies.  But celebration is time to forget that if even for a moment.


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