Shaved Ice – Fun and Delicious!


I remember this delectable treat from my childhood days during the hot summers in the developing orchard valleys of Sunnyvale, and we would love to freeze ice, and were eager to wait as the block finished in a nice mold that fit onto a hand crank, which we turned as we chiseled the ice into fine white fresh snowy ice.  We would scoop the shaved ice into bowls, add different flavors if we wanted, and open a can of sweet mung beans, and some milk if we wanted into this oriental sunday variation that would slowly melt all the flavors into a sweet delightful sensation of sweet, cool, and fine as it melted onto our tongues and smoothly flowed down into our happy stomaches.

I came across this tradition again out in Palm Springs as I grinded the ice on hot summer days in my mixer, adding mung beans, and different types of cream.  It reminds me of the days in Korea as well as the generous apricot orchards that had no fences, and when the school bell rang, we rushed and ran, swinging on the vines and limbs with free abandon, grabbing the apricots at times, and other times loving being free outside in our fun as we forgot the school moments of harshness and bite.  Mixing the sweet with the cooling sensation of shaved ice, orginated from Japan and Roman times, and still a delectable treat of fun and delicious, for old and young, to eager stomaches everywhere.


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