Turkish Coffee: Deep and Robust


The first time I came across this coffee is as a gift from someone’s trip to Turkey in a vacumn sealed pack.  I later purchased an espresso perculator over the range stove, and made this coffee that pressed hot water from under the water reservoir, flowed up as it heated, and slowly perculated the mixture from the finely ground coffee residue.

Upon extraction into my cup, and after mixing with cream and sweet, it struck me as a deep and robust coffee, medium not dark, and a delightful combination with a bite of backlava or similar type of flaky dessert mixed with sweetened nuts and poured with honey syrup.  In the Turkish coffee shops and bars, they are steam processed, but the general flavor is deep and robust, something that may work as a Starbucks alternative in a hash bar, with a hookah pipe and a spittoon to boot.  The aura or Turkish coffee in the middle eastern states in the evening is a paradox as their curfew makes any women past sundown prostitutes.  So, when one presses this coffee, I take it with a grain of salt.


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