Leftover idea for bad Chinese takeout: cochujang pepper paste


RECIPE IDEA: Just mix with cochujang pepper paste and an optional medium fried egg.

korean food spreadThe other day I was served an awful tofu that tasted like fresh out of a silk tofu pack with no flavor, and some sauce on top that tasted like something over fried chicken variation again.  I tried to sneak out without it, but in due reverence, accepted the takeout box.  At home, while watching some various t.v. shows during the weekend, I decided to mix it all like bibim bap, or mixed rice with side dishes.  I put the tofu in the pot with some heated water, and stewed the tofu in the sauce with some soy sauce or stock, and with the cabbage included it tasted decent until I added one of my notable Korean condiment, gochujang pepper paste. The flavors came to life with the leftover rice, the slight heat of the pepper paste augmented the taste of the slightly firm tofu mixed with rice and crunchy cabbage a bit wittled stewed over the stove, and mixed with an egg, tasted like a great variation of the traditional bibim bap that made me quite cheery about the time I took at the Chinese restaurant expectant for some good eats.

Let the Red Meanies rain on my parade, and I’ll dig and find rice and make gourmet.  That’s the secret to bibim bap.


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