Seaweed Laver: the key to true connoisseurs


food laverI remember being invited to certain homes in Korea and other oriental homes, and they will open a cabinet in a manner of protecting some very highly treasured treat, and present in a treasure wooden encased decorated box, a stash of dried laver seaweed as a highly delectable treasured item in their household.  In it, there were stacks of green and slightly burnt seaweed crisps, and upon presentation, I tasted… and it was similar to barbecued sweetened taste that fell upon my tongue like a finely treated paper and melted and dissipated into a fine taste of fake experience of having eaten barbecued meat.

I do eat those 99 cent boxed treats like chips, but I remember those finely made ones I tasted, and know that it is an art, and the wrap that makes the cost of the sushi, and the maker of the rice and its exquisite nature of chewiness that makes the worth the bite.

Try some and train your taste buds to this taste you may first consider as a chip alternative for a diet, but then you might get a bone for them thin japs that demand so much for so little.


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